Mod Skin LoL Pro 2023 Download

For all of you League of Legends fans and hardcore gamers, this is the LOL mod skin that you are looking for. You can stop searching as we have already prepared the one mod that you and your friends need. Download here for free.

We know that being a good player, you also need to look good. It just gets boring to see the same old outfit with your favorite heroes. We know that you want to download this mod skin LOL Pro 2023

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Download Mod Skin / LOL Skin

VersionLOL PRO 13.4
Size2.27 MB
RequirementWindows 10/7/8.1
Last Update1 day ago

How to remove mod skin? – It’s easy to just delete the Fraps folder at drive C.

If you have any questions please comment below 🙂


For those of you that are new to League of Legends or LOL, here is a short game overview. The LOL game is an online real-time battle. It is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or MOBA.

In LoL, each time the team gets to have five players. Each player can choose any hero that they want among the available unlocked roster of heroes on their menu.

The goal of the game is to destroy opposing teams’ nexus. It is a type of tower that sits at the base of each team. To get to the other team’s nexus, players must destroy all enemy towers around the nexus. Both teams have to fight each other using their champions or heroes of their choice.

With every hero that you use, there are costumes available for them. These costumes are also called skins. Typically, skins are available from authorized LOL client or Riot Games official store.

However, LoL developers allow third-party tools to create skins. While external tools are allowed for some cosmetic modifications, there are some limitations that Riot Games implement to make this work.

Is it Legal to Download Mod Skin LOL Pro 2023?

Skin download is safe. At least that is the case if you use the one that we offer here. If you use other skin offers, we cannot guarantee the same scenario. In fact, there have been reports in LOL social media networks that some players get banned from using forms of cosmetic modification tools.

Banning can happen when the tool is used for other purposes other than visual enhancement. Riot Games only allow skins that do not enhance or give an advantage to the player. They strictly allow only visual modification. If the tool provides more than that on the player’s side, that is when the account gets banned.

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Important Reminders

Since mod skin LOL Pro 2023 is a third-party tool and not a part of Riot Games, there are some caveats to this. The most common is the update.

When the LOL client gets an update, it sometimes causes incompatibility issues. What you can do is reinstall the entire skin for it to work again.

Although this could be a minor thing for some, it is cumbersome for many. Sometimes, updates happen on a daily basis. If you are willing to go through the hassle of reinstalling modded skins for your champion, then it is not an issue.

How to Use Mod Skin LOL Pro 2023

  1. Extract the downloaded Mod Skin LOL Pro 2023 zip file you got from above.
  2. When you see the LOLPRO exe file, right-click on it and choose “Run as Administrator
  3. Once it starts to launch, you can now open the LOL client. If you are using Garena, this would be a lot easier.
  4. While on the preview page of your chosen champion, go to the left column where you can choose the skin that you want.
  5. Once you chose a skin, tick on the “Auto Mod Skin” and click on the “Activate Skin” button.
  6. You may now start a match and enjoy your new hero skin.


How to get LoL skins

You can get free lol skins by buying them, winning them, or crafting them via Hextech.

How to download LoL skins

You can download a MOD skin for free at MOD Skin LoL Pro. The application helps you change champion skin in the game easy and fast. It has a simple interface that is easy to use as you can easily choose a skin from a wide range of options and change your champion’s look immediately.

Where to get LoL skins

The best store to buy lol skins is the Rare skin’s store. You can also get free skins from MOD Skin LoL Pro.

Download free lol skins

Go do MOD Skin LoL Pro and download the app for free. Once it is installed, you can also get free skins.

How to update LoL skin

Always make sure you are using the newest version of MOD Skin LoL Pro as it updates all LoL skins automatically.

Can you get lol skins for free?

Yes! You can get free skins from MOD Skinn LoL Pro.


We understand the risk of getting banned from Riot Games and having your account dismissed. That is why we are offering only mod skins that enhance the visual effect of your champion. We cannot guarantee the safety of your account if you install other applications like cheating codes.

We also don’t have any control over the policies that Riot Games implement on their games and clients. Use the mod skin on your champion while it is still allowed. The situation might be different tomorrow.

Basically, these cosmetics are temporary fixes for your gaming experience. They do not affect your skills or anything other than it is good to look at. If Riot Games decides to also ban third-party apps from being used on LOL, we have no power to counteract or reverse it. It is their game, and they determine which modification they want to allow.

Finally, we hope that this article helped you understand the risk of having mod skin LOL Pro 2023. We hope you enjoy your hero’s new look. If there are things that you want to ask, feel free to comment down below. We will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

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  1. Is this really safe ? i’m kinda scared getting banned in the game cause, I’ve been playing akali for a long time and i don’t have a skin on her. So i was thinking using a mod skin, like using a “true damage” akali skin. Is this safe ?

  2. hey i have problem in extracting its not my first time using this app but its not working for somereason i cant understand, i downloaded the new app 10,20 but it cant let me extract it says ( cant found you need to extract the zip file) when i extract it, dont come out for some reason


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