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Parking tickets are those rules and regulations that are in place to manage the public benefit from the on-street parking resources. The primary aim of these regulations is safety. They also take the place of improvement of action according to certain regulations and restrictions. Failure to acknowledge these outstanding parking citations may result in a number of consequences which may include the right to take authority over your registered vehicle which has been cited. Visit the website CitationProcessingCenter and find out more about how to pay outstanding parking citations.


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Parking Citation and Payment:

With the help of the parking citation website, the vehicle registration owner gets a notification about the current status of the citation, and also, a new notification will be allotted to any new citations that might be charged. This process of notification and alerts happen as a real-time process.

When you access the website you will be able to view your updated citations and any due charges that are pending. You might also note that a citation number is required to clear your dues if any. If you do not know the citation number, the payment process can take place with the registration number of your vehicle and the State for the cited vehicle.

It is important to keep a track of your parking citations in order not to incur any additional charges. Also, there are situations of the cited vehicle to be taken by the authority over the registered vehicle if the parking citations and any administrative citations are not addressed.

Payment Options:

Depending on the current status of the parking citation and the vehicle involved with the citation there are a few general states of things that you might need to know:

  • Low-Income Options: For customers who fall under this category and have been approved as a low-income customer, there are payment options which you can opt-in in regards to your parking citations.
  • Vehicle Theft: During the process of the parking citation, if your vehicle was stolen and recovered after or never recovered, you should submit a copy of the report as a stolen or recovery report. In case the vehicle was not recovered at all, documents concerning the loss should be submitted from your vehicle insurance company.
  • Sold Vehicle: If the vehicle was sold prior to the issuing of the citation, you may need to complete an affidavit of non-liability with the parking violation notice.

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Hearing Procedure:

The Hearing Officer will verify the written information provided for the process of hearing.  Any arguments concerning the citation will be observed during the process. Remember, there will not be any “for or against” advocation involved. During the hearing procedure, after the cross-examination of evidence, a decision will be made based on the factual information and keeping the State Laws in the center.


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To ensure not to receive any additional charges or penalties on the citied vehicle, pay your outstanding parking and administrative citations at the Citation Processing Center through the online portal.

If parking citations are ignored, knowingly or unknowingly, the process of the citation does not only include penalties and additional charges. You may have to face situations where you will lose the authority of the vehicle registration that would be involved with the citation. Just like we mentioned earlier, paying your outstanding parking citations on time will keep you on the safer side and off of these consequences.

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