DGCustomerFirst.com Survey 2020 – The Ultimate Guide Step by Step

DGCustomerFirst.com survey is the brainchild of Dollar General (DG), “America’s neighborhood general store.” DG is the biggest chain of stores that offers a wide array of reasonably priced products. This site offers more information to you about this wonderful survey.


To stay in the number one spot and to stay competitive in the market, where new players have been coming in strong, DG gave birth to DGCustomerFirst. Through this platform, they can improve their products and services using feedback from their customers, who, in turn, will benefit from any change as well. 

The survey is a win-win situation. Customers get an opportunity to air their ideas and desires, while DG gets to improve and keep their customers happy, thus keeping the business thriving. 

An even better upside to this survey is that every customer who joins the survey gets an entry into sweepstakes from which they could wind $100 worth of gift card. They can use this in any DG store. 

While DG benefits from the feedback of the customers, customers also benefit from giving feedback. The best way to stay competitive and to keep customers coming indeed.

Purpose of the Survey and Sweepstakes 

Dollar General management wishes to hear the honest and objective opinion of their customers. This desire, they believe, is the best way for them to improve their services and products. They also want to make shopping much more comfortable than it already is. 

Customers, therefore, could help the company to decide if there is a need for new products or if some prices need changes. Customers can even send in complaints about a specific store so that DG could maintain its standard across all branches. 

In brief, the survey and sweepstakes aim to help an eight-decade old company to stay in the game and to continue thriving. At the same time, you, as a customer, also benefit because the company will be making changes to keep YOU happy and satisfied. Of course, the prize is just a plus. 

Who can join the survey?

  • Anyone with or without a purchase receipt 
  • Any resident of the US or the District of Columbia 
  • Must be 18 years old and above

Things to know before joining the survey 

To get an entry code to the sweepstakes, you must complete the DGCustomerFirst online study. To do this smoothly, take note of the following: 

  • Make sure you are 18 years old and up
  • You must be a resident of the US or the District of Columbia
  • Not eligible to join are employees of the sponsor, immediate family member of any employee of DG. Even family members of employees of affiliates and other related third parties cannot join.
  • Make sure you have your Dollar General receipt ready and your unique survey code already noted. The number code is at the bottom of the revenue, and it is a 15-digit code. 
  • You need an internet connection. This survey is something that you must do online, so at least make sure you have stable internet service. 
  • You may use a computer or a mobile phone, but a computer would be more accessible since there are going to be many questions. 
  • You must speak English or Spanish because the site is available only in these two languages

The DG Customer First survey is quick. It won’t take so much time. Still, it will be worth all the time spent answering questions because it means a better customer experience once you go back to DG. 

The first thing you must remember if you want to join the survey and sweepstakes is to keep your receipt. This receipt is essential because this is your key to joining.

Steps to follow to get into the sweepstakes: 

  1. Launch any browser on your computer or mobile phone. 
  2. On the address bar, encode https://www.dgcustomerfirst.com.
  3. While the default language is English, you may choose to shift to Spanish by pressing the Spanish language button. The page will reload and open, showing the content in Spanish. 
  4. After these first few numbers or details, type in your 15-number code. You will see this unique code at the bottom of your Dollar General receipt.
  5. You will see a notification on-screen if the code is accepted. 
  6. Once you see the notification of acceptance, then click Once the code is accepted, you may click start.
  7. On your screen, questions will start to appear. There will also be options for an answer to each item. Choose the best answer. 
  8. If you want to get your entry to the sweepstakes, be patient, and answer all the questions. Most questions will be related to your visit to DG. Some questions would be how you like the stores, the prices, the products, the arrangement of goods, the employees, the cleanliness, the service, the facilities, etc. 
  9. After answering all the questions, you automatically transfer to the final page. You must provide your full name, phone number, and email address.
  10. After you complete your details, then you will see your entry number with the date for its draw. 

Remember that there is an entry limit per entry period. You can only have one entry per period, and a period is one week. You may want to take note of this to avoid disqualification. 

Joining the Sweepstakes Without A Purchase

There is no need to worry if you do not have a receipt. You could enter the sweepstakes even if you did not purchase anything from DG. Just send in a snail mail. 

Write the following details on a 3 ½ x 5-inch card

  • Full Name 
  • Valid Street Address
  • E-mail Address
  • City, State, ZIP Code 
  • Telephone Number 
  • Birth Date (format MM/DD/YYYY) 

There is no need to put the card in an envelope. Just put enough postage on it. Also, make sure your address is readable so that you may receive your entry. You must then send the card to this address:

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes
P.O. Box 251328
West Bloomfield, MI 4832

What is the sweepstakes prize?

There will be ten winners every week. Every winner will receive a gift card worth $100, and any Dollar General store will accept it. An administrator draws the winners, and winners will come from only those received for the entry period. An entry period would be a week. A customer can only have one entry per entry period. 

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Meanwhile, you may also want to stay alert because DG stores may sometimes award survey participants with coupons accepted in all DG stores. Participants who receive such an award may print out the code or write it down on a receipt. They can get refunds on their next visit to a DG store.

We know that you are only allowed one entry per period, but if you want more chances of winning, join the sweepstakes every week. 

How you are notified when winning the survey

Per the rules and guidelines of this sweepstakes, winners will receive a call or email notification. They have three days from the day they receive the notice to respond with their street address. This address is crucial for the mailing of the gift card. It will take about 6 to 8 for you to get your gift card. Remember that the gift card is non-transferable

dgcustomerfirstcom prize

Get Additional Coupons

While waiting for the next draw, you may enjoy additional coupons from DG when you sign up on the website. You may also subscribe to receive DG coupons through text messaging. Text SIGNUP to 34898, and you will receive 12 messages of coupons per month. You will also get alerts for new deals, instantly redeemable coupons, and notifications about in-store promotions and deals.

Customer Care No. of Dollar General

There are several ways to reach the company. However, before you reach out to any of the human service providers, you might want to check the FAQ on their official website. You will find everything you need there. 

If there is no available solution to your problem or the answer to your query in the FAQ’s, there is a piece of contact information for the customer care service.

If you think the FAQ does not answer any of your questions, then you can leave a message. You must provide your name, email, address, phone number, and details of your concern.

customer care no

If you are a social media person, there you can also reach DG through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or LinkedIn.

If by any chance, you want to reach a specific store, there is a store locator feature on their website. However, if you need to talk to someone in customer support, then dial 1 877 463 1553.

A little background about Dollar General

Dollar General started as J.L. Turner and Son Wholesale in 1939, and on June 1, 1955, James Luther and his son Cal Turner founded Dollar General in Springfield, Kentucky.

This business grew out of James’ bravery to take advantage of the Great Depression instead of succumbing to it. He went into the buy and sold of bankrupt general stores. Eventually, he saved up money and set up his own company, which flourished, so in 1955, Dollar General store was born to give people reasonably priced goods. 

In 1964, James Luther passed, when the company has already reached $40 million annual sales and $1.5 million annual profit. In 2002, it recorded $6 billion in sales, and this time Cal Jr. retired. 

To date, the store sells all sorts of products, from clothes to food. Its estimated revenue is $20.349 billion, and that store has 14,000 locations all over the world. The aim remains to be making available, affordable quality goods to everyone and to make shopping hassle-free. DG truly believes that they are “America’s neighborhood general store,” and they keep true to this.


Hopefully, this article helped you comprehend how you could help DG improve and at the same time, win a gift card while doing so. If you have any engaging experience with DG or their survey, feel free to share it with us through the comment section below. Just the same, if you have questions and suggestions, make a comment below. 

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