MyAccountAccess: Easy Way to Monitor Your Account 24/7

Elan Financial Services offers an easy and convenient way for its card members to access their accounts anytime and anywhere. If you’re an Elan credit cardmember, you’ve probably heard about, and your bank might have told you about MyAccountAccess. Alternately called the CardMember Service website, you can check your balance, make payments, and so much more.


If you’re a new Elan credit card holder or having a hard time navigating the site, you’re in luck! We innovate a brief guide to give you the features of MyAccountAccess and help you navigate through the website.

Features and Benefits

Elan has become a leading credit card issuer because of its incredible product suite. With over 1,600 partner financial institutions, Elan provides thousands of customers with fantastic features on top of their credit cards. By registering your credit card with MyAccountAccess, you can enjoy these free and secure features:

MyAccountAccess: Online Account Management

Some bank transactions can now be made from the comfort of your own home or office through online card services. With the online account management features of the website, you can do the following transactions:

  • Sign up for electronic billing
  • Make payments via your checking account
  • Apply for a new credit card
  • Transact for other credit services
  • Reactivate a suspended card
  • Apply for a credit limit increase

MyAccountAccess: Paperless Statements

Credit card owners used to wait for their statements to come in the mail. This traditional method of statement delivery made credit card accounts vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. By registering your credit card account, you securely receive paperless statements through the site and your online profile.

MyAccountAccess: Make Online Payments

Bill payments used to take a significant amount of your time in a week. You either had to go to a bank or a retail store to make these payments, making it inconvenient. Not to mention, you had to observe the due dates to avoid getting penalized strictly. If you are a Comerica or Desert Schools client, then you can check out how this works from our other articles too.

One of the features of the MyAccountAccess website is the convenience of making online payments — no need to get that stamp and envelopes for the mail. Log in to the site, and you can make your payment on time without leaving your home or office.  

MyAccountAccess: Set Up Account Alerts

Struggling to keep up with payment due dates? Always worried about your credit card limit? Then worry no more!

With Elan’s mobile app, you can easily manage your settings to set up account alerts. Some of these alerts include payment due, credit limit notifications, and fraud alerts. By maximizing these features, you can always stay on top of your credit card.

Proactive Security System

Credit card accounts have been the target of various forms of fraud. Scammers often target them to place charges on your account for their benefit or extract your personal information. A lot of companies have been struggling to prevent these malicious attacks against their websites and their customers’.

In this light, Elan has created a proactive system to fight off these security threats. One of the company’s solutions is its two-way fraud alerts.

When you register your card on the MyAccountAccess website, you could monitor your transactions in real-time. This allows you to make changes instantly from a mobile device. Aside from that, you could quickly detect if there has been an unfamiliar activity on your credit card account. 

Once you detect possible fraudulent activity, you can flag them via the My Mobile Money app. Elan will then be notified about these transactions to prompt an investigation and replace your card if necessary.

Enrolling your Credit Card

Registering your credit card is fast and straightforward. We highly recommend that you immediately enter your credit card once it is issued to you. Follow these steps below to enroll your credit card on the MyAccountAccess website:

  1. Access MyAccountAccess via desktop or mobile.
  2. Click on the “Enroll” tab.
  3. Fill up your account information on the form. This portion of the enrollment form includes:
    • Credit Card Account number
    • Security Code
    • Your Social Security Number’s last four-digit
  4. Fill up your verification information, which requires your ZIP code. ZIP codes only apply for U.S. cardmembers. If you don’t have a U.S. ZIP code, you must verify it by using your PIN.
  5. After the verification, you will be prompted to create a personal I.D. and password.
  6. Create a personal I.D. that contains 7-22 characters.
  7. Confirm your I.D.
  8. Create a password that contains 8-24 characters.
  9. Confirm your password.
  10. Enter your email address.
  11. Confirm your email address.
  12. Review your information and click “Submit.”

Contact Elan Financial Services

Having problems or issues with your credit card and/or online account? You may reach Elan Financial Services via the contact details below.

Cardmember Services

If you want to report a lost or stolen card or for any queries about your account, you may reach: 24 Hour Cardmember Service via 800-558-3424. To reach Cardmember Service via email, you must log in to your account and click on Messages.

Technical Support

Having trouble logging on to the MyAccountAccess website? Need help with configuring your internet browser? You may direct these questions to their Support Service desk representatives: Technical Support via 877-334-0460

Send Payments

You may mail your payments to Cardmember Services to this address: Cardmember Service, P.O. Box 790408 St. Louis, MO 63719-0408


What is MyAccount Access?

If you’re an Elan credit cardmember, you’ve probably heard about, and your bank might have told you about the Alternately called the CardMember Service website, where Elan cardholders can check balance, make payments, and do so much more.

How do I check my credit score on MyAccountAccess?

1. Log in- Log into your account to view your score to your account.
2. In the main menu, click “Services.”
3. Under “Information,” select “Free Credit Score.”

How do I know a payment went through on MyAccountAccess?

You will know that a payment went through your MyAccountAccess through an alert that you preset when you open your account. You can set it as an email or text alert. Each time you make a transaction that goes through, then you receive such an alert.


Want to ask for more details? Please type in your concern in the comment box below and we will respond to you as soon as we receive it. Or maybe some had experience with Myaccountaccess that can help you via answering with a comment too.

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