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On special occasions, a lot of people use gift cards to give to their friends to make their day extra special. This saves a huge amount of time and effort thinking of the “perfect gift” for our loved ones and friends. Mybalancenow helps you manage your gift card.


Target is a retail company, which is known for its awesome gift item selections. You can use the Target Gift Card more than one time since it is not required to spend the entire balance at once. You can also check your Target gift card balance to know the remaining amount in your card.

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To check the remaining balance of your Target Gift card, you just need to visit the official website of MyBalanceNow at where you can access your Target Gift Card details.

Target MyBalanceNow

In the United States, Target is a chain of retail stores that provides its users with a wide range of products at an affordable price. Their collection includes women’s lines, sportswear, men’s clothing, and even a baby items collection.

Target Corporation is the eighth largest retail store chain located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and is operating all over the nation with over 1,800 stores. It was founded by George Dayton as Goodfellow Dry Goods, which sells various products such as furniture, beauty, electronics, health products, footwear, pet supplies, accessories, pharmacy, among various items. The company is also supplying numerous department stores, including Dayton’s, Mervyn’s, Hudson’s, and Marshal Field’s.

Features and Benefits

We have listed some of the benefits of the Target Gift Card. Read on and know what you could get from it.

  • Use the card to buy groceries in-store and online securely and easily.
  • Use it anywhere the Visa or MasterCard Debit Cards are accepted, particularly within the United States and the District of Columbia.
  • This is not a credit card, so you don’t need to provide your details and any credit score is not necessary as well.
  • This does not require extra fees on any of your purchases, which helps you to efficiently manage your finances.
  • The balance of this card does not expire, even if your card does. Your Target Gift Card is valid until you consumed all of your balance or until it expires. The expiry date is located on the front of the card.
  • You can request for a replacement card in case your card is lost, expire, or stolen. There is no additional fee to avail of a new card, which will contain the exact amount you have in the old card.

How to avail?

The Target Gift is the best gift card you can use for online transactions. You can Buy a Target Gift Card to give surprise on birthday, graduation, or special occasion. Those people who will use the card for any purpose company will be sent to the recipient within four hours on your registered mobile number as well as official My Balance Now official account. 

Before going to purchase items from the retailers and online check balance since most merchants cannot determine the balance on your Card. In to see your card balance required to log in on Mybalanacenow authorized website i.e By submitting Username or Password you can view balance, benefits, discount, and transaction history.

Applying for Target Card

Target provides various types of cards like MasterCard, Visa Card, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Gift Card, which you can apply online via After giving all the necessary information and completing the process, the card will be sent to the delivery address you provided.

  1. Visa Prepaid Card
  2. Visa Gift Card
  3. Master card gift card
  4. Visa New Baby Gift Card
  5. Goal visa happy couple gift card
  6. Visa Birthday Gift Card
  7. Thank you card to target visa

Values and Fees

Almost everything now comes with a price. The following are the fees being applied by MyBalanceNow Target card.

  • Pay only what you purchased with no additional fee like maintenance or usage fees. However, you need to pay for the purchase fee for the following card values.
  • $25 Target Gift Card – $4 Purchase Fee.
  • $50 Target Gift Card – $5 Purchase Fee.
  • $100 and $200 Target Gift Card – $6 Purchase Fee.

Useful Details About MyBalanceNow Target Gift Card

Here are some useful facts about the Target Gift Card. Read to learn more about the perks and limitations of this card.

  • Target Gift Card is not reloadable and the balance present in your current card cannot be transferred to another card.
  • You cannot withdraw cash from this card nor use it at ATMs.
  • This card cannot be used at casinos and merchants.
  • This card can only be used in the United States and the District of Columbia.
  • Restaurants and gas pumps may hold up your card for up to 7 days or until you have settled your balance, in case you are spending more than the remaining balance on your Target Gift card.

Login to MyBalanceNow

Mybalance now login

Mybalancenow is a gift prepaid card that is accepted in almost every retailer store. Regardless if it is MasterCard, Visa Card, or Debit Card, all cards should be activated before you can use it. Only after activation can the cardholder be able to utilize

This website was created to provide information about Mybalancenow Gift Card. Here, the cardholder can manage it online. Read through to see how you can register and login to your online account as well as check the balance of your card.

Requirements for Online Access

You don’t need to have another online account for your Target Gift Card online. Access your online account using this information:

  • 16-digit Target Gift Card number.
  • Card Expiry Date with the format of (MM/YY).
  • 3-digit CVV number located at the back of your card near the signature panel.

Register to Check the balance

If you are a new user and want MyBalanceNow to check, have your complete detail and balance of Target Gift Card then go to If you already have an account, then you can check your Target Gift Card balance online.

How to Access with MyBalanceNow Account

Checking the balance of the gift is very easy and simple, some of which are being summarized here. You can follow these simple steps to know about logging in:

  • First, connect your device to the internet, then launch your browser.
  • Go to the official website.
  • Then, provide the following information: your card number, card expiration date, and the then 3-digit CVV number behind the card.
  • Then click on the Next button
  • This way you have completed the process of logging in. 
  • You can now your mouse to can check your transactions and manage your account.

How to check the balance?

You may check the remaining balance of your card online or over the phone. Read on to get the necessary details.

Check the balance online

You may check your account balance on the website. Follow the steps below on how to do so:

  • Connect to the Internet and make sure it is fast and secured.
  • Go to the official website of MyBalanceNow at
  • On the login page, enter your Target Gift Card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit CVV number, which you can find at the backside of your card. 
  • Next, click on the Go button.
  • You can now check the balance on your Target Gift Card as well as other details about the card.

Check the Balance over the phone

If you don’t want to check your Target Gift Card balance online then there is an alternative method by which you can check your balance of Target gift card. You can do it so by using your phone by just calling on the following number using your phone: 1-800-698-4952.

This is a toll-free number. In case your card is lost or stolen, you can also call the same number to report.


What is My Balance Now?

Mybalancenow is a gift prepaid card that is accepted in almost every retailer store. You may check your account balance on the website.

How to check the balance in My balance now?

If you want to check the balance online, register first with your complete details and balance of Target Gift Card on the website. Once registered, then you can simply log in to your account to check your Target Gift Card balance online. You can also do it so by calling this toll-free number using your phone: 1-800-698-4952.

How to reach My balance now customer service?

By phone – If you have encountered any of these problems, contact their customer care by calling 1800-698-4952 
By mail – You may also mail your query to:
Customer Care
PO Box 826
Fortson GA 31808


We have discussed the necessary details about Mybalancenow. It is important to know how you can check your balance on a particular card as well as how to access your account online.

Among the details we have discussed, which one seems to help you the most? Nevertheless, if you have any questions, queries, or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and we hope to get back to you as soon as possible.

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