MyBPCreditCard – Full Guide to Manage Your Account

People are fond of having cashless transactions making payments in shopping malls, gas stations, groceries, online stores, and bills payments. We use prepaid cards, gift cards and vouchers, debit cards, and of course, credit cards in almost all of our dealings. It is much convenient and easier to manage via online access like MyBPCreditCard.


Among thousands of credit cards available in the US, MyBPCreditCard is one of the best ones. Having a BP credit card in your pocket can save your day. We hope this article could help you understand the importance of credit cards and the features of the BP Credit Card and its online portal, MYBPCreditCard.

What is the BP Credit Card?

The British Petroleum (BP) credit card is mainly used for refilling gasoline, but it can also be used to pay for other stuff things. Issued by Synchrony Bank, My BP Credit Card offers cash backs and rewards for all transactions made using this card. Thus, customers who use a credit card every day should have this card. 

Certainly, getting a BP credit card is indeed worthy for those who travel and refilling their cars, trucks, van, or bus every day as users receive rewards on every fill-up, which makes it highly popular. However, MyBPCreditCard rewards can be obtained only when refilling at BP gas stations. Meanwhile, using this card on daily essentials earns cashback. 

The British Petroleum 

In 1908, Anglo- Persian Oil Company started in Iran, which was later renamed as Anglo- Iranian Oil Company and as British Petroleum in 1954. This company, which is headquartered in London, has become the world’s largest oil and gas company, ranking 12th on the revenue-generating companies list.

The company was later expanded its services to all aspects of this industry, including credit cards. British Petroleumoffers four types of credit cards, each one is for specific needs and requirements.

  1. BP Credit Card
  2. BP Gift Card
  3. Fleet Fuel Card
  4. BP Visa Credit Card

How to Apply for MyBPCreditCard

 mybpcreditcard login

You may apply for a MyBPCreditCard online. Just launch your browser and type Click on Apply Now and enter all necessary details to apply for a credit card. Wait for 6 to 7 business days to receive your card. 

Once you received the card, create a MyBPCreditCard account by going to the official website. After the registration, you can now enjoy the card’s welcome offers like a $0.25 discount per gallon of gas for the first 3 months for every $100 in BP gas stations as well as a $0.15 discount for every $100 spent on malls, restaurants, or for booking travel tickets.

Moreover, there is no annual fee and no charge when withdrawing cash from ATM. Meanwhile, cardholders can receive 3.75% cashback when they refill at BP gas stations on the succeeding months.

Register for Online Portal 

Once you receive your MyBPCreditCard, you can register to access it online. Access the website on your browser, then follow these simple instructions.

  • Tap on the Credit Card Login and click the Register button below the login box.
  • Fill in the card number found on your credit card or billing statement and billing zip code.
  • Click on Continue. Wait until the page loads up, then fill in details like your Name, Billing Address, Social Security Number, Contact Number, Sources of Income, among others as well as to set your password. 
  • Once finished, you can now access your BP credit card online by logging into your account.

Requirements to Log in MYBPCreditCard

Accessing your online account makes it easier to manage your credit card. Before you could log in to MyBPCreditCard, please make sure you have the following requirements:

  • Users should be BP cardholders with registered BP credit cards
  • A secured network to avoid compromising your details
  • Any device like laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone 
  • Access to the official website 
  • BP Card Number 
  • Date of Birth
  • Zip Code 
  • E-mail Address
  • Social Security Number

Managing Your ‘MyBPCreditCard’ Account

Managing your credit card and online account is important. Not only must you keep your username and password secured, but also you have your payments updated.

Find Username and Reset Password 

People forget certain things at some point in time. You don’t have to worry if you have forgotten your login details. Follow the given instructions to recover your account.

  • If you have Forgotten Your Password, there is an option “Reset Password” below the login box for your rescue. You can use that option or click on the link provided here.
  • Enter your User ID and Zip code.
  • You will receive a link for Password Reset in your E-mail from BP.
  • Alternatively, you can also provide your mobile number synced with your account to which you will receive a code.
  • Enter that code in the code box & Click to Continue.
  • If you have forgotten your user ID, click on “Find User ID” which is also found below the login box.
  • Enter the card number and the zip code. You will receive your User ID if the entered details are correct.

Pay Your BPcreditcard

To make a payment online, log in to your account via the official website. Click on Billings and Payments and choose the desired way to pay your bills.

Also, you may pay your My BP Credit Cardby mailing the payment or paying over the phone using a credit or debit card. There is no additional fee for using the credit card, but penalties like interests or late payment fees are applied for missing the due date.

By Mail

  • Send your credit card payments via mail to “BP PLCC & Visa, P.O. Box 965006Orlando, FL 32896-5006”.

Over the phone:

  • BP Credit Card Synchrony: 844 832 0035
  • BP Visa Credit Card: 844 832 0030

Contact MyBPCreditCard

Just in case you experience any inconvenience or you have any concerns regarding your credit card and MyBPCreditCard account, you may call the following numbers to reach the respective customer service to settle your issues.

  • BPcredit Card Synchrony Bank Customer Service Number: 844 832 0035
  • BP Visa Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number: 844 832 0030
  • Platinum Visa Credit Card Customer Service Phone Number: 844 887 1975

Meanwhile, you may also file complaints against service stations and retail stores in the USA by calling +1800 333 3991. You may also send an e-mail to


What is eligible for MyBPCreditCard?

Before you could log in to MYBPCreditCard, please make sure you have the following requirements:
– Users should be BP cardholders with registered BP credit cards
– A secured network to avoid compromising your details
– Any device like laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone 
– Access to the official website 
– BP Card Number 
– Date of Birth
– Zip Code 
– E-mail Address
– Social Security Number

Where to mail payment for MyBPCreditCard?

Send your credit card payments via mail to:
BP PLCC & Visa
P.O. Box 965006, 
Orlando, FL 32896-5006


We hope we have provided all the information you need about your MyBPCreditCards. However, if you have any questions, please type in your comment below.

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