MyConnect: Moving To A New Home Made Easy

MyConnect aims to make your move to your new home more convenient and gives free service – no obligations. You don’t need to worry about the fuss and trouble involved in moving to your new home.


MyConnect app allows you to connect all utilities – electricity, gas, water, telephone, internet, pay TV, insurance – and streamlines your connection. The company does all the legwork for you. They make sure that all the connections are up and running on the agreed date. All these services are possible with only one phone call. Using their service saves you time and money.

You can also use My Connect PUSD if you need to move homes near school districts.

Why My Connect

The Melbourne-based company was established in 2006 since and has since then been dedicated to every aspect of the business. They aim to deliver honest and quality services, making sure every mover is eased with the troubles of setting up everything in their new homes. They do the hard work, and you move in. 

My Connect App

MyConnect is now a mobile app that you can get it for Android and iOS. You can view your dashboard and see all the utilities that are being arranged for you. Login with the credentials that you use in your browser. You will have easy access to your services at all times and wherever you are. 

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Here are four easy steps to connect all your utilities with MyConnect:


Fill out the application form. You may also get connected by visiting the website, and agents of My Connect will reach out to you. You are not obligated to anything like a lock-in contract. The service is entirely free. Talk to them, and they will tell you how they can help. 

Receive call

After filling out the application, agents will contact you. They will ask you for details about your move like the date and location. After that, they will then organize the utilities that you need. They even have an interpreter for easier communication. 

Choose suppliers

MyConnect partners with several suppliers so that they could give you as many options as possible, allowing you to select the best provider that offers what suits your needs. It also has different plans and packages.


When you move into your new home, you are guaranteed that all the connections you need are ready. MyConnect even covers your out-of-pocket expenses. 


What is MyConnect?

MyConnect offers services to movers. My Connect ensures that all connections–telephone, electricity, internet–that the movers need are set-up on the date that the move will take place. 


Do you like the idea of moving into your new home with ease? Who doesn’t want the hassle-free set up of utilities in their new home? 

If you have any questions related to MyConnect, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

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