MyCSULB Portal – Comprehensive Guide to your Account

The California State University Long Beach has made transactions easier for both employees and students alike with the MyCSULB portal. With so many transactions and records every academic year, it could be hard to keep track of them. But by maximizing your MyCSULB account, you can find and manage everything all in one site.

In our guide, we’ll be showing you how to login to your MyCSULB account, and we’ll also be exploring its various features.

Features of MyCSULB

The MyCSULB portal has made managing and monitoring academic and employment transactions and records more convenient. With everything now accessible online, you don’t have to be at the campus all the time to perform important transactions and inquiries. We have listed down the various features that students and employees can enjoy with their My CSULB accounts.

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MyCSULB For Students

CSULB students can find everything related to their academic life on their My CSULB Student Center account, even if they are off-campus. The Student Center is divided into sections so that you could easily navigate through the portal.

Personal Information

This section contains your personal information, which includes such as your home address, mailing address, and contact information. You can set up the User Preferences so that you could navigate through the My CSULB pages easily.


For newly admitted CSULB students, you may view your test scores, admission offer and pay your enrollment deposit on the MyCSULB portal with just a few clicks. New students may also sign up for the SOAR Orientation and enroll in early start classes under the Admissions section of the site.


In the Academics section of the site, students can view class schedules and register for classes, making it convenient during the enrollment every semester. Students can also be added onto waitlists for classes, drop classes, and swap classes. Once you have finalized your registration for the semester, you may view your class schedules and enrollment status.

Under the Academic History subsection, students may view their advisor’s notes, request official transcripts, and see their previous test scores.

Academics Requirement

The Academics Requirement section lets you review current and updated details concerning your progress toward completing your degree at CSULB. This interactive tool contains all of your complete and enrolled courses at CSULB and external coursework and credits from other institutions.

Degree Planner

The Degree Planner is MyCSULB’s online tool that helps undergraduate and post-baccalaureate students plan their path to graduation on time. For graduate students, not all the features of the tool are available because of the restrictions of the student’s individual programs.

Financial Accounts

The My CSULB portal lets students view their financial account information, which includes payment of fees, enrollment in payment plans, and signing up for e-refunds, among others.

Financial Aid

CSULB students may sign up for financial aid and scholarship through the Financial Aid section of the portal. You can keep track of the to-do list when you sign up for financial aid, request financial aid forms, and view scheduled disbursement dates of your financial support.

Hold and To-Do Lists

The Hold and To-Do Lists feature of the portal helps students keep track of urgent and essential items. This section contains the crucial requirements that the student needs to comply with to register for a class or other time-sensitive actions.

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MyCSULB For Employees

CSULB employees can now keep track of their personal information and benefits anytime and anywhere as long as you have a decent internet connection. When you log in to the portal, you can manage and monitor their personal information and benefits. The items you can find on the sections of your account include:

Personal Information

  • Home and mailing addresses
  • Phone numbers and email addresses
  • Emergency contact information
  • Marital status and other demographic information
  • Recent and past paycheck information
  • Education and licenses


  • Benefits summary
  • Medical and dental plan enrollment and dependent information
  • 403b plan enrollment and contribution amounts
  • Sick and vacation leave balances
  • Availability of personal holidays
  • Number of CSULB service months accrued
  • Compensatory Time Off balances, usage, and accrual (available for non-exempt employees only)
  • Additional Days Off information

CSULB is already developing the system further. Soon, CSULB employees can view your job history and your flexible spending account information.

Logging In to My-CSULB


Accessing your My CSULB account is straightforward. Follow the steps below to login to the portal:

  1. Access the My CSULB Single Sign-On website
  2. Type in your nine-digit campus ID number and your password
  3. Click on Sign In


How do I activate MyCSULB account?

Activate your My CSULB account by going to the BeachID Account Manager webpage. Click on Activate Account. Start the activation process by typing in your nine-digit Campus ID and date of birth. Click Next and you will be asked to set security questions thereafter.

How to change My-CSULB password?

Change your My CSULB password by going to the BeachID Account Manager webpage. Click on Change Password/Security Questions. Type in your nine-digit Campus ID and current password. Click Next and you can now change your password with a new one.


By logging in to the My CSULB portal, employees and students alike can get a lot from maximizing their accounts. Aside from the convenience of performing transactions anywhere, users can find everything all in one place.

What are your experiences with using your My CSULB account? Let us know in the comment section below.

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