Manage Your Account is the online gateway to one of the most popular home routers, which makes it workable for the client to convey the advanced media like video, digital data, and diversion of information to various gadgets in your own home or office.


It is a hearty and adaptable router that supports quick systems administration through Ethernet links or remotely through Wi-Fi. Additionally, this Verizon router is easy to use, and you can immediately set up your home system inside a couple of moments. 

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If you use the myfiosgateway modem, you ought to have the option of an arrangement to install the FIOS system. Additionally, it would be best if you realized how to make home systems administration conceivable. To interface gadgets to Wi-Fi, to oversee moderate speed, and to manage a scope of the router and association-related issues, you have to approach the username and secret word to work accessible to you. 

Change Myfiosgateway Wi-Fi Password

To change the password using the My Fios app, open the web and under my systems. 

The default secret word is beneath the system name. If you don’t have the application, you need to download it. 

  1. Sign in to My Verizon, then hover the cursor on (Myfiosgateway) 
  2. Under my system, choose a method to oversee. 
  3. You have to enter your new password then save the changes. It would help if you empowered the WI-FI to deal with the system. 
  4. To change a password or username physically using the router, you need to open your program and enter (IP address).
  5. You have to sign in with your current username and password. The router’s default name is admin and the default router on the router label. 

NOTE: If you don’t have any idea about your router settings, you need to reset it to factory settings. Use the on-screen guidelines and prompts, and you can also follow the same procedure to change your password.

If you have any issues that you are unable to resolve regarding the TV, for instance, web, telephone, Account charging, request status, fix status, and so forth. Contact the client care group, using Watch Fios, where you can sit in front of the TV set and communicate the issue.

Significance of Changing the Wi-Fi Password 

Most Wi-Fi clients at home are still using the default password and username, and they don’t comprehend the importance of changing that detail. It is necessary to change your password to keep away fraudsters. Through default username and password, hackers frequently them to divert your online traffic to their malicious sites. Some can even draft your gadgets into their botnet armed forces. 

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Guarantee that nobody will enslave your system by changing the Wi-Fi secret phrase. Although Fios Quantum router has a constrained sign range, it likely stretches out outside your home and can even arrive at the neighbors or the road.

Why do you need to change your password?

An inquisitive trespasser can without much of a stretch access your unbound system and utilize your association for illicit or obscure purposes. They could likewise present malware and infections in your order, which will influence all gadgets and PCs right now associated with it inside your home. 

It would help if you changed your Wi-Fi secret word to make sure about your web association when you introduce the Fios Quantum Gateway from Verizon. Guarantee, you use a progressively secure secret key that is more diligently for anybody to break. In the wake of applying the changes, guarantee to reconnect all your Wi-Fi gadgets utilizing the new system subtleties. 

Verizon offers a scope of devices that you can use to change the SSID (Wi-Fi name) and WEP/WPA2 Key (secret key) accreditations, namely, My Fios portable application, My Verizon and Router sign in.  

Change the Wi-Fi Password Manually 

The last and presumably, least instinctive technique for a great many people is signing into the router. Nonetheless, it is quite a simple procedure on the off chance that you follow the correct strategy. Guarantee you are first associated with your Fios organize either through Wi-Fi or LAN before you follow these means recorded here beneath: 

  1. Once you have connected your Fios, open a program 
  2. Enter the accompanying IP address: 
  3. It will open the myfiosgateway login, where you should fill in the router’s username and secret phrase. 
  4. Reset your router to default settings if you forget your password 
  5. You will discover the default router administrator subtleties situated on a sticker on the router and in the client direct. 
  6. Once you have entered the correct certifications, you’ll sign into the router. 
  7. Finally, you can follow your client management or the on-screen directions to alter your Wi-Fi secret word.


How would I sign into my Verizon remote router? 

1. Open the UI with your Verizon FiOS to use either a wired or wireless connection. 
2. When you open your browser, type on the search bar, and a login screen will show right away. 
3. Enter your username and secret phrase 

What is the default password for the Verizon router? 

The default secret word for your Verizon router is on the base or back of your router. The default client name for the Verizon MI424WR router is “administrator” 

Why gives me an error?

If your router homepage ( shows an insecure error and will redirect you to with a red strike-through. The site you are redirected to has a self-signed certificate. Your browser prompts with a security warning to accept the self-signed certificate before you proceed, which is a standard security prompt for your internet connection.


If you have any issues that you are unable to resolve regarding your TV or web telephone, Contact the customer care group or use Watch Fios, where you can sit in front of the TV set and communicate the issue. If you have any questions or observations regarding myfiosgateway, please message us below.

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