– Access your My Prepaid Balance Account Login users can now easily inspect the card balance. Creating a prepaid card account and accessing the portal gives you quick access to many web functions. By getting access to MyPrepaidBalance Account, you can examine your balance and carry out transactions quickly. You can quickly take pleasure in the benefits of Prepaid Card Balance Account Login by producing a brand-new account at


Create Your Account in

Start to manage your account with registrationTo register, here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Add your card –Add the information from all your debit and credit cards upon registration.
  2. Create an account– Choose a personal email that you want to associate with the account and create a strong password for your protection.
    The password requirements are the following:
    – At least eight characters and with a lowercase character, an uppercase character, number, and special character.
    – Confirm the password you selected.
    – Choose security questions and provide the answer. This will help you retrieve your account in case it is gets locked out.
    – If you suspect possible fraudulent activity, don’t get worried right away. Your online account is safe and the information entered is securely encrypted.

The next thing to do is to enter your personal information. This would include your first name, middle name, and last name. You also need to enter your birthday, address, and phone number.

Manage your Account

Every card you own has its own unique features. You may opt to use a debit card, credit cards, and/or gift cards. Checking your balance and monitoring transactions can be confusing. This is where MyPrepaidBalance comes in.

You can log in and check your balance to all your cards in just one platform via Access your card transactions online or download its app.

MyPrepaidBalance Benefits

Upon registration, you should now be able to access its features and enjoy its benefits. Manage your card quickly and easily

  • Check your balance, transactions, and deposits online.
  • View current balance and check recent purchases.
  • Receive text or email alerts for low balance, verified transactions, and loading of funds.
  • Easily add cash to your card, get direct deposit information, or load a check directly into the app.
  • Deposit your money online thru Direct Deposit, at no extra fee.
  • Monitor your account from your browser or mobile app.

Accessing from the App

You also have the option of accessing your MyPrepaidBalance on your smartphone. Just go to Google Play Store on your android devices and search for the app. It is also available for iOS devices at the Apple App Store.

How Safe is

To ensure your safety and security, a combination of username and password must be entered to log in at Keep your information confidential to prevent unauthorized access to your account. Change your password when needed to keep it secure.

If your login information was compromised in case of loss or theft, or used without your authorization, immediately call the customer service number at the back of your card.


Use your MyPrepaidBalance card at restaurants, hotels, and car-rental agencies, merchant stores, and more, and keep your finances secured. You can check your credits and debits online, choose to receive an electronic receipt for transactions, and send receipts to your email address too – without any additional charges. 

Reloading your card is also extremely easy and can happen via online deposits or through your mobile. Create your MyPrepaidBalance account now!

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