MyPrepaidBalance: Manage Your Prepaid Account in One Place

MyPrepaidBalance is a prepaid or gift card containing a certain amount ranging from $10 to $500 initial load. To activate the card, cardholders can register their cards on the online portal.

This article provides a guide on how to start using the card. to start with, the cardholder just needs to visit to initiate the registration.


About MyPrepaidBalance Visa Card

Generally, there are two types of gift cards: open loophole and closed loophole. Both card types can be utilized in online and in-store transactions.

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Closed loophole

This type of gift cards can only be used in a single merchant and its affiliates. For example, the Gap prepaid card can also be used for the Banana Republic and Old Navy, and vice versa.

This card does not require any activation fee. However, the card expires on the date shown or when the amount is fully consumed.

Closed loophole cards are popular gifts at weddings and other celebrations. In fact, these allow the celebrators to purchase what they want.

Open loophole

My Prepaid Balance card can be used at any merchant accepting MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover. Like other prepaid cards, a $5 activation fee is usually applied upon activation.

Card Activation Process

How to Activate My PrepaidBalance Visa Card

To activate a card, the cardholder must visit the website to enter the following information:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address – This is where the activation confirmation will be sent.
  5. Ship Report Order Number – This is found on the box or packing slip that arrived with the cards
  6. Total Amount – Shown in the last line of the “Detail” section on your large order receipt. This includes the total of the following Net Amounts.
  • Loads
  • Load Adjustment
  • Fees
  • Fee Adjustment
  • Shipping Fees

For financial institutions activating a large order, look up for the order on the prepaid program website. Then, select “View/Print Receipt” to see the “Total Amount” number.

Visa gift cards are generally linked to active bank accounts. However, payments will be declined if the associated bank accounts are not yet active.

How to Register MyPrepaidBalance Visa Gift Card

Cardholders may register their card at or via the MyPrepaid app. They just need to create an account and add their card. Then, they need to edit the default registration details.

Registering the card will provide additional security for all your transactions. Inactive cards cannot be registered, so activate the cards first.

Download the My Prepaid app for free from the App Store for iOS devices or the Google Play Store for Android devices. However, the user’s wireless carrier may charge fees for data usage.

Card Use and Features

Use the card at any merchant or store accepting Visa/MasterCard. A daily spend limit of $2,500 is applied for each transaction type.

It can also be used for online or over the phone purchases, just make sure the billing address matches. Moreover, you may use it for cash withdrawals with transaction fees.

My Prepaid Balance card can be used overseas, but subject to foreign transaction fees. However, it cannot be used on current OFAC-sanctioned or prohibited countries as listed here.

How do I withdraw cash from my card?

Withdraw cash from ATM accepting Visa or MasterCard by selecting “Checking” from the withdrawal options. The cardholder may withdraw up to $500 per transaction or three withdrawals per day. However, the total daily withdrawal limit is $1,000.

How Do I report lost or stolen cards?

For lost or stolen cards, the cardholder should immediately call 1-866-496-6183. The replacement card will be sent within 10 business days. A replacement fee of $5 is applied.

Reloading card

It is possible to add funds on reloadable MyPrepaid Balance cards. You may choose from these following methods:

Add funds via the online portal

Log in to the account and select “Add Money. ” Then, choose “Reload with Credit Card. “

The billing address on the funding debit/credit card matches the registered address of the prepaid card. Cardholders can reload until the expiration of the card and up to two times per day.

Alternately, cardholders may opt to add funds via the following options:

  • Direct deposit – Click the “Direct Deposit” tab to retrieve the routing and account number of the fund source.
  • Mobile money deposit – Snap a photo of the load approved paper checks through My Prepaid mobile app.

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Receive the funds in the card in 10 days for free. However, they may also opt to get the money in minutes for at least a $5 fee. Payroll and government checks are charged 1% while a 4% fee is applied to all other checks.

Also, all checks must bear the name of the cardholder. These shall be cleared on a bank within the United States or U.S. territory.

  • In-branch or office – Reload the card at the institution where the card was purchased
  • Western Union locations – Load cards through participating Western Union branches.


We hope we have provided sufficient details about My Prepaid Balance. For questions or suggestions, please leave a comment below.

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