myWakeHealth Login: Access the Official Patient Portal

MyWakeHealth is an online service for Baptist medical center, which is also an academic medical center located in Winston Salem, North Carolina. The health organization is the largest employer in Forsyth County, with over 13,400 employees and a total of 198 buildings sitting on 428acres of land. Access your account by going to the MyWakeHealth Login.

The organization offers (MyWakeHealth Organization) amazing benefits as well as providing a free source of healthcare management services all over the country. The main goal for myWakeHealth portal is improving people’s health and any issues facing them. 

About myWakeHealth 

myWakeHealth entry is a free, simple, and secure approach to assist you with better access to the information you have to manage your health. You can do the following on myWakeHealth. 

  • Make an impression on your primary care physician’s office 
  • Manage your appointments 
  • Solicitation remedy reestablishments 
  • Take care of your tab 
  • View your primary care physician’s notes from facility visits 
  • View and update medications, hypersensitivities and the sky is the limit from there 
  • View test results, visit summaries and release guidelines 
  • Get instant message appointment reminders 
  • Search the wellbeing library 
  • Connect to your family’s records 
  • The myWakeHealth entrance is secure from unapproved access. Its password is secure and encoded.

Services on myWakeHealth

  • MyWakeHealth provides the following services online for all members to access. 
  • Easily renew your prescription online
  • There are numerous services available online, like health on-call service, to assist with you with health-related queries that are answered by qualified nurses.
  • Access visits are forecast based on earlier appointments
  • Access and view your test results from your mobile app or the myWakeHealth website
  • Know your doctor’s summaries from this online portal as well as pay your bills 

MyWakeHealth Requirements and Login

To pay your medical bill online, you need to fulfill the following requirements 

  • You need a personal device like a computer, PC, mobile, or tablet, and a good internet connection to your device of choice.
  • Choose a browser to use
  • You will access this online portal by visiting the official web address of
  • You must have myWakeHealth login credentials(Username and Password)
  • With the credentials, you are ready to login to myWakeHealth and settle your bills online or get any information that you desire.

Access myWakeHealth Login

Below is a Follow the steps below to login and access mywakeHealth and enjoy all the services from the online portal

  1. Launch your web browser and search mywakeHealth website
  2. The above command takes you to the login page
  3. If you have an account with mywakeHealth, you will be prompted to login by the use of your username and password. Those without an account have the opportunity to register, and an open account will have a chance to register and open an account.
  4. Once you enter the login credentials, click on sign in to access your account.


What is myWakeHealth?

MyWakeHealth is an online patient service that offers convenient and secure access to the information you need.

Do I pay for myWakeHealth?

MyWakeHealth is a free resource for patients.

What if I forget my password?

On the sign-in page, select “Forgot Password” to reset your password online. You can also call myWakeHealth patient support line 855-560-51111, which is toll-free.

Are my test results available in myWakeHealth?

Your provider decides which type of test results they provide online through myWakeHealth. If the test results are sensitive, they may not be released through myWakeHealth, and your provider can discuss them with you.


Now that you have all the information about mywakeHealth don’t hesitate to create an account and enjoy the services they offer online. If you have any observations or questions concerning this post, please message us by writing it below.

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