PrepaidCardStatus: Check Your Prepaid Card Balance

People nowadays would prefer moving around and transacting without any cash on hand. Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, vouchers, and gift cards come in handy and a bit more secure. You don’t need to worry about losing some cash while traveling. However, managing all these cards can be easier with PrepaidCardStatus.


Fortunately, websites and applications are now available to assist us with our cards. For prepaid cardholders, they could get the necessary help and support regarding their prepaid cards from It services both MasterCard and Visa Card and one can transfer his funds to more than nine currencies in around 160 countries worldwide.


Prepaid Card Status is an online platform where prepaid cardholders can manage their prepaid Visa or MasterCard gift cards issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions. When you visit the website, you can access your account information like account profile, card status, account balance, account statement, or contact customer care. However, you would need to register for Prepaid Card Status.


Cardholders can enjoy various benefits when they login to their account. We have listed them below:

  1. Check Card Balance – Login to the portal and check your card’s remaining balance anytime with this feature.
  2. Customer service – When you encounter any issues regarding your prepaid card or account or need help regarding some information, you may always contact the customer care support for assistance. Just dial you may call on this number- +1(866)230-3809.
  3. Manage your account – You can always update your profile information and even update your password anytime. You can also update your wallet and add cards to your account.
  4. Check and print your account statement – View your transaction history and even print it for your reference.
  5. Answers of the FAQs – Any cardholder may have numerous questions about features of prepaid card status. These queries are also frequently asked by other cardholders, and you may get the answers by logging in to your account.

Card activation 

Cardholders must activate their prepaid cards to be able to start using their cards. They may visit the card provider’s website to have their cards activated. An email with a validation link and code will be sent. Follow the instructions. You also may nominate a strong password and username for your account.

Without activating your card, you cannot make a transaction. To do so, make sure you have with you the 16-digit card number of your prepaid card, expiry date, and your CVV or 3-digit unique code. The steps to activation are quite simple.

  • Visit and enter your 16 digit card number, the 3 digit code, and the expiry date and email ID. 
  • Then, you will get the activation confirmation link in your email ID and verification code. Log in to your email account, look for the verification email, and click on the activation link. 
  • Enter the verification code and hit Submit. 

Your card is now activated. Congratulations! You may now use the card for any transaction in-store or online.

Managing your card 

Now that you already have your card activated, you should be careful and make sure you are dealing with legit merchants to avoid any fraudulent activity on your account. Here are some actions to help you manage your card.

Logging in to the online portal 

You can manage your prepaid card usage by logging into Here is the simple process of setting up your account. 

  • Type in on your browser. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
  • On the website, provide the card number and security code on the two blank fields. The 16 digit card number I embossed on the front side of the card while the 3-digit security code is provided at the back of the card.
  • Those who have used their wallet username would need to select the appropriate option below the “Log In” tab. They need to enter the username and the correct password.
  • Next, tick the captcha box and then click on the “Log In” tab.
  • Wait until the website loads your account information.

You can now view your card information, see the available card balance, contact customer services as well as access the statement of account and payment receipts. With all these features, you can track your usage and avoid any unauthorized transactions.

Reset your prepaid card status username

If you forget your username, you can easily recover or reset it on the website. You may do it as follows.

  • Launch your browser and search for
  • On this website, you can see the ‘username’ field. Click on it.
  • Also, provide your email address. Make sure to provide the email address you previously provided. Here, you will receive your username in your mail account.

Reset your password

It is possible that you forgot your account password. Don’t panic, you can quickly reset your password following this process.

  • Go to the login page.
  • Under the password, click on the “Forgot Password” button.
  • Enter your username and provide answers to some security questions. If your answers are right, you will receive a temporary password in your email account. 
  • Finally, you can reset your password and login to your prepaid account.

PrepaidCardStatus Customer service

When encountering issues with your card or account, you can easily contact the PrepaidCardStatusCustomer service by calling +1(866)230-3809. You may also reach them through the website. Click on the “Contact US” button at the right-hand corner of the screen. Then, you need to fill-up the form with necessary details like name, contact number, mail address, and prepaid card number.

After choosing the reason, you can now type in your concern or query in the provided space, then submit your form. You may either receive an email or call from the customer service depending on the issue raised.

PrepaidCardStatus: FAQ

How to activate your card on Prepaid Card Status?

– Visit and enter your 16 digit card number, the 3 digit code, and the expiry date and email ID. 
– Then, you will get the activation confirmation link in your email ID and verification code. Log in to your email account, look for the verification email, and click on the activation link. 
– Enter the verification code and hit Submit. 

Where to buy Prepaid Card Status cards at?

You can get shopping cards (credit/debit) at various banks, merchants, and supermarkets.

Why can’t go I go to Prepaid Card Status?

You might have entered the wrong login credentials. Check your details or you may contact the customer service by calling +1(866)230-3809 for assistance.


We have already provided you with the necessary details about the PrepaidCardStatus and how to manage your prepaid card. If you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment. We will try to answer it as soon as possible. 

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