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Keeping an eye on any outstanding dues on your parking citations, if any, is a good way not to get tangled up with any penalties or additional charges. This is the first step towards maintaining a good record of your driver’s license and vehicle registration documentation. This complex procedure of maintenance is made an easy task with MODSKIN at CitationProcessingCenter.


How to approach a Parking Citation:

Parking citation can be approached the following way:

  • Visit the Citation Processing Center Website with your citation number. If that is not available, make sure you know the registration number of your cited vehicle.
  • Check for any parking tickets that the vehicle would have cited for.
  • If, in that case, where you have a cited vehicle with a parking ticket, make a note of the due date.
  • If the due date has been exceeded, note down the penalties or if any additional charges for the same.
  • Next, make yourself aware and available for the hearing date according to the website.
  • If the vehicle that has been cited has been stolen and recovered, or if not recovered at all, or if it is sold to another party, you might need to submit documentation in support of the same.
  • In case of a vehicle being not recovered after theft, you might need to involve your insurance company to submit documents with your loss that has been incurred.

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Citation Appeal Process:

Appealing with regard to a ticket might be for various reasons:

  • The citation might have been issued in error.
  • An unusual situation which can be prevented from occuring again.
  • Or, the violation did not take place at all.

Make sure your reasons do not fall among these which makes the appeal totally invalid:

  • You were unaware of the parking regulations.
  • Could not find a space for parking the vehicle.
  • Failure to read the displayed parking signs.
  • Inability to pay for the tickets.

You should also note, these are only a few reasons, but the citation process and regulation may differ totally.

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The Appeal:

When the citation has been appealed, you will be notified via mail or an email when the committee reaches a decision. However, if the citation has been denied, you might want to appeal again but with new and established evidence.

The Outcomes of an Appeal:

There might be three possible outcomes:

  1. Dismissed: If your appeal is dismissed, your cited vehicle will no longer have any charges involved.
  2. Reduced: If the committee makes you responsible for the charges and also accepts your payment with a reduced amount.
  3. Denied: In this denial situation, the committee wishes you to make the payment towards the citation in full.


In order to not involve yourself with any parking tickets, keeping an eye on the displayed signs, knowing the parking regulations of the area and importantly, following these regulations will keep you away from any parking violation charges. However, situations where the parking citations would have occured due to an error can be dealt with the appeal process that we have mentioned here. An error or not, making yourself available for the hearing process on the date of hearing is an important factor.

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